Brett David Stewart is a journalist, podcaster, and musician who lives in Chicago, Illinois. He has worked for a variety of publications including Strike Magazine, Our Political Essay, the Guardian Liberty Voice, the Columbia Chronicle, and many others. From investigative journalism to creative writing and critical review of the arts, Stewart’s portfolio as a professional writer and reporter is ever-growing in eclectic new directions.

Prior to attending Columbia College Chicago, Stewart was the editor-in-chief of Strike Magazine, a print arts publication in Denver, Colorado. In 2016, he held the same position at Our Political Essay, a political magazine that he reported for live from Washington D.C. during the inauguration of Donald Trump. On election night, Stewart anchored eight hours of continual live press coverage for Our Political Essay.

Stewart reporting for Our Political Essay and Blazing Caribou Studios at the inauguration.

Stewart reporting for Our Political Essay and Blazing Caribou Studios at the inauguration.

In 2017, Stewart graduated from Columbia a year early with a comprehensive multimedia journalism degree. He currently works as a freelance writer and press agent for independent bands and artists, a line of work he has been involved in for nearly five years. To date, Stewart has worked for over 2,000 clients.

Stewart began podcasting in 2014 by launching the Jukebox Podcast, a monthly showcase of the world’s finest independent music. This endeavor branched into several other programs, and now Stewart hosts four different shows on the Blazing Caribou Studios network that cover news, politics, film, and more.

Since 2011, Stewart has released eleven studio albums, one live record, and one compilation of entirely original music. He is a multi-instrumentalist who has performed live extensively and spends time each month volunteering with Sharing Notes, an organization in Chicago, to play music in hospitals.