Brett Stewart, or by his stage name, Rivers Rubin, is a writer, reporter, musician, producer, podcaster, filmmaker, and businessman. His endeavors range from his independent creative publications, to his studio albums and much more. A bit about Stewart and his endeavors follows; please visit specific pages for more information about individual projects. You can also refer to his resume for detailed info. 


Since 2011, Brett Stewart has been releasing studio albums. Now, in 2015, he has released ten studio albums and counting. His first single, 'On the Moon,' was released in December of 2011. Since 'On the Moon,' Stewart has released nearly one hundred other original songs under his own name, along with aliases such as Underground Oceans and Rivers Rubin. Rivers Rubin is his permanent stage name now.

Having recently relocated to Chicago, Stewart is actively pursuing a career in music as he continues to release albums, record, and perform live. He is also working with different studios and independent filmmakers to compose music for films. Currently, Stewart is composing music for three films, all of which will premiere in 2015 and 2016.

Writing & Strike

In 2012, Stewart founded the independent creative publication, Strike Magazine. Serving as the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief while also maintaining duties as an editor, designer, advertisement salesman, and frequent writer, Stewart led Strike to publish five print issues over the course of two years. During its run, Strike was hailed by critics and readers, being recognized by Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone,, famed photographer Robert Knight, and bands such as Heart and Robert Cray. 

Since then, Stewart has used Strike as a bouncing board to pursue becoming a professional writer. He maintains an active blog, writes for a number of publications, and freelances promotional writing for upcoming artists and bands. 

For four months during 2014, Stewart also worked for the Guardian Liberty Voice, a top-100 news organization as a staff writer specializing in the arts and critical music review and commentary. 

He's also working on a novel. He's a busy guy...

In addition to his music and writing, Stewart maintains a heavily followed YouTube channel, producing videos each week. He also hosts the Jukebox Podcast, a monthly program that showcases the best of independent music.

Brett is a journalism major at Columbia College Chicago.