Bob Dylan - 'Something' - Remaster Project

With Bob Dylan, cover versions are usually a hit or a miss - especially when live. There isn't much in-between. One of his best, I've always thought, was his take on The Beatles' 'Something' in 2002 at Madison Square Garden in New York. He truly does the George Harrison-penned tune justice, and it's one of his finer cover performances.

My problem, however, has always been that the recordings weren't all that great. There are two known recordings on YouTube. One is pretty popular, the other isn't. So, I decided to spend some time one evening creating the 'ultimate' cut of the performance.

I put YouTube on the highest settings I could for each video, routed it through a mixer and interface, taped it at the highest fidelity I could in uncompressed FLAC format, and then got to work. I combined both of the tapers' recordings and then set to work remastering one final recording. Whenever obnoxious people began yelling or talking, I'd transition it to the opposite recording. I then did some final mastering and paved over all the levels nicely so the recording is seamless - you can't tell it's two different pieces of audio.

Here is a stream, but if you'd like to download it, use the links below. They're higher quality.

I'd argue this is the definitive cut of this performance. I was able to cut out most of the issues with each video and get a file that's actually worth listening to. So, Dylan, fans... enjoy!

I'll include a FLAC and MP3 download of the track below. Both should already have album art and metatags. (I grabbed a  snapshot from one of the videos and made some album art for it, shown above.) 

Big shout out to Savas Alpay and Artur Artist, the two original tapers I remastered these cuts from. 


DOWNLOAD FLAC (Google Drive download since my site doesn't like files over 20MB.)