'Sketches from the Flower in the Painting' Liner Notes


Liners From Rivers Rubin

Going through a breakup is a very difficult thing to do. It’s far worse when you deeply cared about the person you’re parting with. Some of the finest records of all time explore the themes of love and loss. Typically when a record associates itself with the end of a relationship, however, it consumes the experience. (Think: ‘Blood on the Tracks.’) That isn’t a bad thing, but it did make me question what an album would sound like if it cataloged the whole journey.

‘Sketches from the Flower in the Painting’ was recorded over nearly half a year. Many of the love songs were recorded before or during a relationship that I had. After that ended, the other half of the songs and the monologues were written and recorded to explore the pit of despair and frustration one finds himself in after lost love.

I deliberately chose to enhance and include several demos in this collection. I wanted each song to represent the state of mind I was in when I wrote and recorded it. Why re-record love songs you wrote for someone after you’re no longer with them? The heart and soul, your heart and soul, was in them at their inception. To re-record or improve them would alter the authenticity of the emotion.

Thus, this album was designed to be entitled ‘The Flower in the Painting.’ Due to its nature, though, I think it plays out much more like a series of heartfelt sketches and musings.

This album is for everyone who has gone through a miserable breakup and lost someone they loved deeply. These songs are a tribute to both sides of that coin, and I have no doubt it’ll flip again - for you, and for me, as it always does.

Love, Rivers