Bob Dylan's 'Little White Wonder' - Preservation Project - Download

In 1975, an Italian label by the name of Buhay Records released ‘Bob Dylan Vol. 3 - The Little White Wonder.’ The third and final piece of this bootleg set has become a staple of the Bob Dylan bootlegging community, taking its namesake from an earlier Dylan boot, ‘The Great White Wonder.’ I’ve attempted to preserve and maintain this piece of musical history.

These recordings are from 1961, providing beautiful insight into an incredibly young, versatile Bob Dylan. My understanding is a good deal of these recordings have somehow made it onto both official and unofficial releases. Thus, they’re difficult to find in their original ‘Little White Wonder’ glory. Recently, I picked myself up a copy of ‘Little White Wonder’ in a Chicago record shop. The copy was wonderfully preserved: rough enough to provide that raw, bootleg feel, and clean enough to be enjoyed on a quality sound system. So, here’s what I did...

I took the record, cleaned it thoroughly and carefully, and then digitized it. I did, however, take quite a few extra steps. Here’s the problem with the vinyl digitizing community: they’re sold these USB turntables with basic software to do the conversion. USB is very low audio quality in comparison to a high end transfer. Instead, I transferred ‘Little White Wonder’ by queuing it up on my hi-fi turntable and spinning it all the way through on two separate stereo connections leading into a pre-amp and interface.

Now, audio quality, like anything else, can be brought down, but not up. So, I started at the highest possible quality uncompressed WAV format. Then, I compressed it down into high quality MP3. Before compressing it down to MP3, I also mastered the audio. Since preservation is the purpose of this project, my mastering was incredibly minimal. I chose to not remove any surface noise - it’s a vinyl record and it should sound like one. Instead, I just normalized the audio levels so it sounds good on all audio players.

Thus, here you are: ‘The Little White Wonder’ in its original glory. I do want to mention some important information:

My endeavor is to preserve a historical piece of musical bootleg history in its original form. Thus, this is a non-commercial, fully personal, educational pursuit. For the love of the music, I want to make sure it is preserved for future generations. Few, if not any on the internet (at least, this side of some questionable torrents) have bothered to do this.

I am protected under fair use to preserve this piece in this fashion. For more info on fair use, and why this is indeed fair use, check out this helpful offering from Purdue. If there is any conflict and I am notified of it, I'll gladly take down the download. 

Enjoy! And please - drop me a line with your thoughts. I very much want to hear from the community on this project!

Also, you're a Bob Dylan fan - so you enjoy folk. I'd love to respectfully drop a plug for my new record that came out a few weeks back, 'New England Elizabeth.' Please check it out if you haven't!

NOTE: The files are already tagged. That means I’ve attached the album art, correct track titles, and listing. Just plop them into your player! The files are 320 kbps - that's cd quality. it's the highest i want to go while still maintaining a reasonable download


Update - The original download via DropBox got capped quickly due to traffic. The download link is now hosted on Google Drive. Downloading is equally as easy and safe! There is no cap now, so download away! (9/10/15 - 3:30 EST)