Gina Brooklyn - Her Self-Titled Debut

Out of the gate, Brooklyn is reminiscent of, perhaps, Lorde. She has a very similar soft-spoken croon and her voice is remarkably elegant, aged well beyond her years. ‘Faceless,’ the introduction to the young songwriter on the record, is a punchy synthesizer-infused pop song with an especially fantastic beat. The nuances to Brooklyn’s vocal performance on ‘Faceless’ are breathtaking. Her voice is delicate, yet poised and powerful when necessary.

Press Release - Malvin Éka - April 23, 2017

On Saturday, May 6, Muhamad Alfin Eka Rohadi will release his debut endeavor as an independent music artist under the stage moniker of Malvin Éka. Entitled ‘Battle of My Own,’ the dynamic new track offers a remarkably insight into Éka’s prowess as a budding songwriter and producer. His sound, which at its core is R&B and soul, is also heavily influenced by pop music, as is the case with this fascinating new single.

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders - 'No One Knows Me'

Here on the Independent Spotlight, we’ve explored the music of Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders several times now. The Australian rock group is a highly eclectic one. Their sound often jam-packs several other genres influences into itself and it always creates an atmosphere that’s truly unique to the band. For the last few months, they’ve been releasing tidbits of ‘Greenbah,’ their next studio album. They’ve now offered up a third glimpse into it, a single entitled ‘No One Knows Me.’ (‘Blood and Bones’ and ‘Only One’ preceded it.) Let’s delve into it!

Thrill Theory - 'Remedia Amoris'

Thrill Theory does indeed have a curiously different sound than most of their independent alternative rock counterparts. The hooks on the tracks are especially infectious, perhaps alluding to the “pop” elements of the band’s sound. The sound also feels abundantly classic. The opening track on ‘Remedia Amoris,’ a tune called ‘4000 Reasons,’ could absolutely be a classic rock track from the 1970s. That’s not to say the song isn’t contemporary, however, because this kind of rock and roll can defy each era in its own right.

Press Release - LexC - April 20, 2017

LexC, the versatile singer, songwriter, and audio engineer, has re-released one of her most compelling studio efforts, a single entitled ‘Crazy Time.’ Originally debuted last year in 2016, the beautifully executed track boasts production by DG Beats. The song combines an array of sonic influences to culminate into a sound that’s wholly unique unto LexC. Soul, R&B, pop, singer-songwriting, and more are all present in spades.

Suburban Vermin - 'The Awakening' & 'Issue #0'

In this evening’s edition of the Independent Spotlight, we shine our gaze on Suburban Vermin, an indie punk rock act from Seattle celebrating their tenth year together. On May 4, famously known as ‘Star Wars Day,’ the group will be releasing a single entitled ‘The Awakening.’ Then two days later on May 6, Suburban Vermin will debut ‘Issue #0’ of their ‘TV Head Nation’ series of releases. The latter release will include an accompanying comic book as well. Let’s delve into the two releases and see if they’re worth picking up!

Press Release - MACHINEFIEND - April 19, 2017

On May 5, the independent electronic artist MACHINEFIEND will release his latest studio effort, a compelling double single entitled ‘Bottom of the World.’ The opposite side of the hauntingly beautiful jaunt through atmospheric musings is ‘Pieces,’ an equally fascinating endeavor. Released on ALTOSPIN Records, the single also includes a remix of its title track by Lefrank, another artist on the label.

Carmen Lundy - 'Code Noir'

‘Code Noir’ is a very soft-spoken record. Even from the opening notes of ‘Another Chance,’ Lundy croons in a surprisingly deep, bellowing voice that seamlessly wanders about a sparse jazz soundscape. This is dark, evening club jazz - the kind of music you’d find in a dimly lit piano bar in the late hours of the evening. ‘Another Chance’ is a compelling introductory number as well, I’d argue, because it’s somewhat less digestible than the track that follows it.

Kian - Press Release - April 17, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada - Last month on March 20, the rising independent artist and producer Kian released his debut studio effort, an album entitled ‘The Genesis.’ The record, which is now available on all digital music platforms, is an elegant culmination of years of experience in music performance and production on behalf of Kian. The songs defy genre classification, effortlessly hopping through an array of influences with complete tact and versatility.

Hooyoosay - 'Mountain Air'

Going on a third year now, I receive new music on a near-annual basis from Hooyoosay, a bubbly pop rock outfit with a penchant for infectiously catchy melodies and jingling soundscapes chock-full of synthesizers and vocal harmonies. The project is especially interesting because the band doesn’t offer their names publicly; they want their music to speak for itself. They’ve got a new EP out later this year, ‘Mountain Air.’ How does it stack up against their previous work? Let’s find out!

The Richard Lynch Band - 'Mending Fences'

The indie country scene is an enigmatic beast that’s difficult to break through or tame, I’d argue, especially since acts have a tendency to fall into one of two categories: trope-driven monotony or pretentious pseudo-traditionalism that loses focus of what the music is all about. By and large, Lynch and company defy both of these categories on ‘Mending Fences,’ which is remarkably refreshing.

Wizdom Mriminthere - 'Savages'

First and foremost, the production of ‘Savages’ is impressively solid for an indie hip hop artist building his early repertoire. The studio work is slick and suavely executed, but avoids sounding sterile or too “over-produced.” In particular, ‘Savages’ has hints of world influence, perhaps even African or Rastafarian vibes in varying capacities. It’s certainly a contemporary hip hop track that has an inherent pop sensibility to it; the production will capture your attention notably better than the majority of indie hip hop artists.’

Press Release - Shannie Ross - April 5, 2017

Houston, Texas - Shannie Ross, the independent pop songstress that is quickly becoming an integral part of the Houston music scene, is preparing to release several new studio endeavors this summer ahead of a tour outside of the state of Texas. Her current single, a dynamic track entitled ‘The Low,’ features OG KIDD and elegantly combines Ross’ suave performance style with KIDD’s powerhouse hip hop. Since its release, ‘The Low’ and its corresponding music video have accumulated over 60,000 spins.

Don Woods - '90 Proof'

‘Whiskey Melody’ opens the album with Woods’ most celebrated song, given the single landed him Entertainer of the Year and Song of the Year at the Nashville Universe Awards when it came out. Now, the song does check off pretty much every stereotype box a cynical critic may levy against modern country music. There really isn’t a verse that doesn’t muse about various drinks, and Woods sings a whole lot about driving down country roads in trucks.

Calle Ameln - 'Moving On'

‘Moving On’ boasts very similar production quality to Ameln’s previous work. It’s well mixed and mastered and that’s further complemented by strong instrumental performances. In the grand scheme of Ameln’s catalog, ‘Moving On’ is likely the most simplistic track we’ve highlighted here on the Spotlight. It’s soft-spoken and the music doesn’t ever overpower Ameln’s vocals. He’s the forefront of this single with the exception of a small electric guitar interlude toward the end of the song.

Press Release - DJ Roy Cohen - April 4, 2017

Dublin, Ireland - The rising independent artist DJ Roy Cohen is preparing to release his first full length studio endeavor as a solo act. Previously best known for his work in the duo JIVE64 and producing for the likes of Marq Aurel and David C, Cohen has become increasingly well known as a versatile, multi-faceted talent. The second single off his upcoming record, ‘Take Off,’ is available on all digital music platforms now!

Press Release - Wizdom Mriminthere - April 4, 2017

This April, the rising independent hip hop artist Wizdom Mriminthere will release his latest studio endeavor, a single entitled ‘Savages.’ The track, which is due to be released on the artist’s own indie label, Pretty Dirtball Records LLC, precedes his full album due out this summer. That album is set to be called ‘RaDiCal Minds,’ and every track, including ‘Savages,’ boasts production and writing by Wizdom Mriminthere.