Boss-1 2/9/15 Press Release



Artist Boss-1 Prepares New Mixtape, “Sleep When I Die: Chapter One - Dead Or Alive”

Boss-1 is the moniker of Larry Dunbar, a 33 year-old hip-hop artist who is dropping ‘Sleep When I Die: Chapter One - Dead Or Alive” on February 17. The mixtape is his first release under the persona of Boss-1, which is actually an acronym for ‘Bred Official Superstar Status.’ To best give context to the new mixtape, however, one must understand Boss-1’s riveting past.

Throughout the course of his life, Dunbar has walked the line that many hip-hop artists come across: the line between the outskirts of society and acceptance, the line between right and wrong. He moved around a whole lot during his life, taking up residence in Louisiana, Texas, and even Alaska at one point. Struggling with the straight and narrow, Dunbar has been in and out of trouble during his life, trouble that at one point, caused him to have to vacate a city and leave the Air Force.

This lifelong journey and persistent struggle with the law has seemingly come to halt in his most recent decade, with Dunbar fathering a baby girl in 2003 and devoting himself to his craft as Boss-1 in 2013. Now, in 2015, he’s ready to put out the long awaited mixtape and it comes with a message:

Boss-1 is going to institute values in his music that are lost from popular music today. On an endeavor to create ‘real music,’ he won’t drop the n-word on this album. He won’t be using profane language, either.

‘Sleep When I Die: Chapter One - Dead Or Alive’ is the first official release from Boss-1, which again, will be available next Tuesday, February 17. Dunbar promises that the music will be the “elevation of hip-hop,” indicating that he is prepared to take the genre to a whole new level. His pursuit of honing in his songwriting craft without the hindrance of profanity is a noble one, one that should indicate to his listeners the seriousness of his devotion to the integrity of his sound.

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