Danielle Taylor - 'The Chase'

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In this edition of Independent Spotlight, we’re going to delve into ‘The Chase,’ a new five-song EP from upcoming artist Danielle Taylor. Taylor is a Californian pop singer songwriter with a flare for the inspirational. She boasts an incredibly impressive resume, one that includes a variety of performances opening for big-name acts, her becoming a Sony RED artist, and her being produced by Erich Talaba, a Grammy award winner.

‘The Chase’ is the debut of Taylor’s music, but her entire life has always revolved around music and her love for her craft. The opening track and single for the EP is ‘Fearless,’ a powerful inspirational track with a masterful production. The simplistic piano lead that the entire mix is built upon is beautiful, accenting Taylor’s style well.

‘Jump Into The Unknown’ may be the strongest track of the collection. It’s certainly her most intense vocal track, exhibiting Taylor as an elegant and talented singer. She even scats and uses a clapping section. Isn’t that insanely cool?! My goodness, this number is just awesome on so many layers.

When I read the track title, ‘I Wanna Get Naked,’ I was bracing myself for a bit of an odd track. It ended up being fairly sweet, focusing on a meaningful relationship. The song isn’t sexual like it suggests, at least, not overtly. It’s about acceptance. The title track of the album continues the inspirational style of the EP, “Make something happen that’s larger than life. It’s all about the chase.”

‘Date Night’ finishes out the EP with a great little track. It’s probably worth noting at this point that Taylor’s lyricism isn’t terribly deep. In the nature of a lot of inspirational pop music, sometimes it feels a bit superficial. ‘Date Night’ is a good example of that. With that said, it’s sort of the intention of the sound so it isn’t worth getting overly critical about. Plus, she is far more insightful that most of her counterparts, anyway.

‘The Chase’ is a sweet little record. It’s simple, surprisingly inspiring, and very catchy. Danielle Taylor certainly has some talent. Check her out online at:

Website: www.DanielleTaylorMusic.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/DanielleTaylorMusic
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/DanielleTaylor_
Instagram: www.instagram.com/danielletaylormusic