Dreammakerz Entertainment Press Release - 2-18 - GhosMerck's New Mixtape

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Press Release - 2-18-15 - Dreammakerz Entertainment

Dreammakerz Entertainment artist GhosMerck To Drop New Mixtape Next Week

February 18, United States - Next week Dreammakerz Entertainment artist GhosMerck is dropping a new mixtape. This release contains are relevant information in regard to debut of the tape. First, though, some information on GhosMerck:

GhosMerck has a very extensive resume in the musical industry. He’s opened and shared the stage with and for the likes of Rakim, Memphis Bleek, Swizz Beats, and many more. He’s also been referred to as Andre 3000’s protege. For a period of time he wrote the majority of content for his group the ILL INDIES until he moved onto the moniker GhosMerck.

His lyrical style is self-described quickness and slickness, boasting a personality that’ll get audiences listening to his music over, over, and over again. GhosMerck has continued to make waves more recently as well, landing himself on the Timbaland Thursdays website and progressing to semi-finalist status on the VH1 competition, ‘Make a Band Famous.’

In addition to his impressive resume, GhosMerck has also been cosigned (endorsed, in a fashion) by Timbaland, Dezperawdos, Trayz Beats and others. The mixtape in question also features a cameo from legendary lyricist Rah Digga. In fact, the song with Rah Digga has become a bit of a controversial number, questioning the smoke and mirrors of the musical industry and the ways in which naive artists are quickly manipulated.

Onto the mixtape. It’s called ‘Distorted Noize.’ It’s quite the package at 19 tracks, all of which will be available to download for free from the websitedatpiff.com. The project itself is incredibly diverse, maneuvering through hip-hop, R&B, club, and street vibes from song to song. It’s a mixtape suitable for Top-40 playlists.

Whatever music you enjoy, there’s going to be something on ‘Distorted Noize’ for nearly everyone. In addition to the hip-hop inspired beats and jams, the album is also a testament to GhosMerck’s exceptional lyricism. From bounce to pop, you’re going to be entertained.

The tape drops Feb. 24 at 11:59.

Below social networking and contact information are listed for GhosMerck and his management.

Twitter: @GhosMerck

Instagram: @GhosMerck23

Facebook: Facebook.com/GhosMerck

Website: GhosMerck.com

For booking inquiries contact: Desiree Williams - dreammakerz757@gmail.com - 757-227-2701