Jessica Domingo - Press Release - June 2, 2015



Rising Star, Jessica Domingo, To Release New ‘Masterpiece’ Album This Month

After intense labor, the popular YouTube performer, Jessica Domingo, is preparing to release ‘Masterpiece,’ her new EP that consists entirely of original work. The new collection is a follow-up to her widely successful, ‘Just Vibe,’ an album that elicited an array of rave reviews with its “natural, largely acoustic, warm, and intimate” sound.

‘Masterpiece’ has been recorded with multi-platinum Grammy award-winning producer Mikal Blue at Revolver Studios in Los Angeles. The song ‘Masterpiece’ is one of sixteen finalists in the ‘teen’ category of the International Songwriting Competition. (A category that receives over 18,000 entries.) The single has already been released with an exceptional accompanying music video.

Domingo’s successful studio outings have established her as one of the most powerful and elegant artists to rise from the YouTube community and into the public eye. A tour is planned along with future releases as Domingo continues to craft her individual creative identity. As such a young artist, she’s experimenting at every turn and her ever-improving musical prowess only results in each release being stronger than the last.

Aside from a very successful YouTube career and her new studio albums, Domingo has also delved into the world of competitive competition and songwriting. She’s been involved with Asian American Singing Idol, the Seattle Filipino community’s ‘Pista Singing Idol,’ and the Filipino-Canadian PNT TV5 Singing Idol. In each of these contests, Domingo was placed firmly in the top three competitors.

“My sound feels like a mixture of acoustic genres,” Domingo explained in an interview with the Pens Eye View News. She cites R&B inspiration along with folk and pop elements in her songs. “I write depending on my moods which is why I have trouble with sticking to one sound. I guess that’s what makes me different from others in my genre - I feel like the songs I have written have a variety of different styles...” [Click here for full interview.]

Her ambitious endeavors resulted in a sold-out tour of the west coast last August and the debut of her own Vevo channel, an industry-coveted video sharing platform that only signs noteworthy artists. Domingo is also a student, if her efforts weren’t impressive enough already.

Domingo maintains a wonderful presence online and can be sought out on every major social networking platform and every major music distribution shop. For all of those, see the corresponding links below the 'Masterpiece' music video. Follow Jessica Domingo online for continued updates on the release and all of her other projects.

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