Meshach Abednego - Press Release 3-31-15



Meshach Abednego To Release Track Celebrating Billie Holiday’s 100th Birthday

On April 7, the gospel blues artist Meshach Abednego will be releasing ‘Wishes In Blue,’ his beautiful and original Happy Birthday jazz rendition. The song's release is set to celebrate what would have been the 100th birthday of the legendary jazz icon, Billie Holiday.

Abednego is from the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, New York. His arrangements move effortlessly between graceful jazz arpeggios and jagged blues rhythms with heartbreakingly honest and revealing lyrics. At the age of 40, Abednego decided to try his hand at songwriting. His original song ‘SMS Blues,’ is a self-described “debut release from an old soul.” The southern American influence is prominent in his acoustic arrangements, often featuring influences derived from traditional gospel music. Abednego’s music is a unique combination of jazz, gospel, and delta blues.

Billie Holiday is widely considered as one of the most poignant and important voices of the twentieth century. A tragic soul, Holiday struggled with addiction, racial prejudice, and ultimately died in her early 40’s. Holiday’s legacy is one of the most important in music, one that has been repeatedly lauded throughout the years through countless tributes, films, and honorings.

‘Wishes in Blue’ is available to stream on SoundCloud now. The hauntingly beautiful tribute is simplistic in nature, paying homage to the iconic singer in a very modest, meaningful fashion. Follow the link below to listen: