Michael Blu - Press Release - April 13, 2015



Michael Blu Prepares Release of ‘Mr. Spaceman,’ A New Eleven Track Album

Accomplished and seasoned vocalist, songwriter and producer, Michael Blu, is preparing the release of ‘Mr. Spaceman,’ a new album featuring eleven original numbers. The album is a follow-up to 2013’s ‘Release My Soul,’ a mystical fusion of Blu’s eclectic tastes and talents.

Blu’s music is described as a rhythmic culmination of classical-tinged acoustic guitar, Mediterranean ambiance, fat funky bass, and insightful lyrical maturity. This lyrical content is deep and existential, often provoking listeners to contemplate their existence in the universe or inspiring them to create art of their own. Blu pulls from his own fairytale romance of sorts for many of his ideas.

Blu met his wife at one of the last shows of his very successful group, Venus Pumping. Their relationship was love at first sight and resulted in months of mail back and forth since she had departed to Italy the next day. Blu knew that the romance was to be, though, and it was.

“After working the L.A music scene for ten years, I met my wife Francesca at one of Venus Pumping’s last concerts. I sang the entire show to her, losing the rest of the audience. Love at first sight. After the show, she said she was leaving for Italy first thing in the morning and that she had  to go. I watched her walk down Melrose Blvd at two in the morning as she waved a sad goodbye from afar. I knew she was the woman I was going to marry.”

Michael and Francesca were reunited after her trip abroad and married eight months after that. Now, the couple has been married for thirteen years, happily living in Texas with their two sons, ages three and six.

‘Mr. Spaceman’ is chock-full of lustful romance-inspired songs and superb instrumentals and performances. He cites Paul McCartney and the Beatles as inspiration, and that couldn’t be more obvious than when listening to this new record. Unlike McCartney’s inside joke with John Lennon that later resulted in one of the pinnacle Wings tracks, however, Blu’s songs are certainly not “silly little love songs.”

After wandering in the world for eighteen years, Blu has found love and peace in his life and his passion, making music, is alive and well. He’s one of the most dedicated and impassioned independent artists on the scene, writing powerful content that’s both relatable and enthralling to his fans.

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