MR. KITO - 1/31/15 Press Release



Artist MR. KITO Releases ‘The State of Presence’

Cape Town, South Africa - January 31, 2015 - Eric Michot, a French multi-instrumentalist currently residing in South Africa, is preparing to release a record under the moniker ‘MR. KITO.’ The album, ‘The State of Presence’ is about to be self-released by Michot under the umbrella of Presence Records, his own independent record label.

Having performed extensively in his local independent music scene, Michot recently turned his talents towards his own independent expression, penning and producing original tracks. Utilizing extensive networking and promotion, the MR. KITO project has received a strong first-response from the musical community.

Upon release, ‘The State of Presence’ will be receiving a full treatment out of the promotional toolbox. There are two different music videos that are planned for release and Michot is in talks with videographers about finalizing those endeavors. Fans can expect the first video to feature the track, ‘Alexander The Great.’

Since Michot is performing all of the instrumentation, a live schedule is not in place at this time. However, he will be pushing through a circuit of local and international radio interviews over the next few months in promotion of ‘Presence.’

Despite the album’s imminent release, ‘The State of Presence’ will still require Michot to embark on a much longer journey. The multi-instrumentalist is seeking further radio and press promotion and talks with other record labels.

Michot has also received some impressive press responses as a result of making several tracks available for critique. Rock Revolt Magazine declared their excitement for the record, and rave reviews such as the following have spurred further anticipation as well:

Press Review - ‘In Time’ is another favourite, with its distinctive synth sounds and honest lyrics. I love how the song evolves from its simple beginnings into a dense and atmospheric electronic track, adding a truly diverse touch to the album.

MR. KITO is already in the studio working on the second release, though audiences will have to wait until this same time next year for that record. Michot and his music can be found at a number of outlets online, including his own website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Reverb Nation, Soundcloud, and Youtube, all of which are listed below.