Nelson Jenstad - Press Release - May 8, 2015



Nelson Jenstad Releases New Single, ‘All You’ve Got’

Last month on the Jukebox podcast, the new Nelson Jenstad single ‘All You’ve Got’ was debuted on the show. The single is part of the ‘DiSBlues’ project, a recent endeavor of Jenstad’s. The project name is short for ‘drifting in space blues ensemble,’ which as Jenstad describes it, utilizes everything from dreamgazer sounds to space rock and blues.

Jenstad is a composer and performer based out of Southern California. He’s prone to deep rock, blues, and dark jazz, influenced by the likes of Bach, David Gilmore, Jerry Garcia, Bryan Ferry, and more. His eclectic music palette explains the sound of ‘All You’ve Got,’ since the progressive rock nature of the track is reminiscent of legendary prog rock tracks that culminated a mixture of rock and classical influence. The new single, while impressively contemporary, also aligns closely with something listeners may recognize as similar to a band like Pink Floyd. Jenstad’s music is produced at NJMP Studios in Tustin, California. He’s also been an ASCAP composer since 1989.

‘All You’ve Got’ began in 2014 as a feeling - a jam. Every piece of the track was recorded by Jenstad. While the DiSBlues project does sometimes feature guest artists, it’s more often than not a solo process. Very much in the vein of his influences, Jenstad performs an extended jam version when he plays live or streams a concert.

‘All You’ve Got’ is a “building block in a sort of story,” Jenstad explains. “Fans of this music may be interested in reading the backstory.” (Click here for the backstory.) Jenstad has previously worked under the monikers ‘Reason & 27’ and ‘Blues Detective.’ All of those works are still classified under the umbrella of the DiSBlues project.

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