Oksana Kolesnikova - Press Release - April 3, 2015



Oksana Kolesnikova is a world-class pianist who is releasing her new single ‘The Voice of Life.’ The track is a hauntingly stunning love ballad, one that is designed to be a positive, uplifting, and inspirational song dedicated to those who have found love in their life. Oksana pulls such beautiful inspiration from her husband of fifteen years, Alex, for whom she wrote the track. In fact, Oksana originally performed the solo piano version of the track at their wedding.

Oksana isn’t a stranger to touching hearts. Not only has her work spanned seven CD’s, appearances on every major network, world tours, and charitable events, it has also found a home with some of the most intimate, loving moments of others’ lives as well. She offers ‘musical portraits,’ for example, a service that provides privately commissioned, completely original, works of art intended as gifts for loved ones.

In addition to her astounding performances and recording career, Oksana has a passion for teaching. She opened the Oksana School of Music in Los Angeles in recent years, taking on clients such as Kim Kardashian.

This specific release of the ‘The Voice of Life’ is somewhat different than previous performances of the song. The track has been arranged as an EDM piece by Arielle and Adam Peri. Unlike typical EDM music, though, Oksana’s flare produces a compellingly melodic and gorgeous love story.

Oksana Kolesnikova has one of the most impressive repertoires in contemporary music. ‘The Voice of Life’ isn’t her only creative endeavor this year, either. Work is beginning on a new reality television show produced by a prominent TV producer, based on Oksana and her students and she’s producing a new instructional DVD series.

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