T. Brown - 'Move Out'

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In this Independent Spotlight review I’ll be taking a look at T. Brown, an independent hip-hop and rap artist from Florida. The song in question is his new single, ‘Move Out.’ The song isn’t going to drop until April 5 of this year, but I have the opportunity to take a look at it early for my review. T. Brown is already heavily promoting the upcoming song on his social networks, however, so anticipation is building throughout his small fan base.

‘Move Out’ greets fans with a short little monologue from T. Brown to his listeners. The production of the track is very good, which as I’ve mentioned before, is continuously refreshing when reviewing independent hip-hop acts. The production is relatively simple, though, showcasing some decent beats and effects, though nothing that’s overly creative or different. The vocals are clear and piercing as well; everything in the mix is accented well.

T. Brown's vocals are quite good; he’s a talented rapper and songsmith as he crafts intriguing melodies and rhymes. The lyrics are pretty good as well; he darts through verse after verse with remarkable tact and ability. He’s one of those rappers that is indeed very quick, so it takes a couple run-throughs of the song to understand a good deal of the lyrics. That’s cool, though, because there’s a line between being an excellent rapper and smashing too many words into a verse to the point where it becomes nonsensical. T. Brown doesn’t cross that line.

‘Move Out’ is a fun jam. It’s well produced, well executed, and provides some surefire entertainment for a fan of hip-hop or rap. With that said, it isn’t too adventurous. It sounds a lot like the rest of the independent rap that I tackle on a regular basis. This stereotypical rap production style feels overdone at this point in the game, which is why I think rap artists with more intrinsic productions are revered more highly nowadays. (For example, take Kanye West’s first few records and compare them to ‘Yeezus’ or ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.’) It’s a song worth checking out, though. T. Brown does have some mad skills.

Connect With T. Brown: https://www.facebook.com/tbrownrecords