The Links - Press Release - April 11, 2015



The Links Release New EP, ‘Shopping Cow Funk’

The Links, a band formed in 2011 amongst high school friends, has released their new EP, ‘Shopping Cow Funk.’ After a few initial shows, the band was dissolved in 2012, but then reformed by Jordan Marola, who became the sole original member to carry the name forward into the next year’s incarnation. In 2013, the band consisted of Matt Begnaud on bass and his friend, Ryan, on drums. Ryan soon left to pursue solo endeavors, however, resulting in Matthew Ashy’s induction into the Links.

That current lineup is the one on ‘Shopping Cow Funk,’ a follow-up to 2012’s ‘Planetariums’ and 2013’s ‘Demolition.’ Both of those records are available alongside ‘Shopping Cow Funk’ on BandCamp, the main outlet which the Links release content. Their new EP is six songs in length with a Kendrick Lamar cover as a bonus track. Those seven songs can be downloaded under a ‘name your price’ model on BandCamp. The physical discs are also available and boast an even wider collection of songs, one that clocks in at nine tracks.

You can follow the trio on BandCamp, SoundCloud, Facebook, their website, and their label’s website. (Warganized Records) For all of that information, please visit the corresponding links below:

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