Zayed Hassan - 'Symphony for a longing heart'

In this edition of Independent Spotlight, I’ll be taking a look at composer Zayed Hassan and his new single, ‘Symphony for a longing heart.’ Hassan is from Bangladesh and boasts a wide and versatile palette of influences from Linkin Park to Cat Stevens. His genre is a bit more obscure, however, defining itself as independent ethnic fusion. Let’s check out the song:

‘Symphony for a longing heart’ immediately emanates an incredibly strong production. This atmospheric, droning mix is mastered perfectly. The instruments find their place exceptionally well amidst the soundscape and nothing is overpowering or overly dramatic. In a very Phil Spector-esque fashion, Hassan builds the groundwork for the song in a very simplistic fashion, eventually rising into a cacophony of sound - a wall of sound, perhaps.

Every so often, I review an artist who allows me to break out one of my favorite terms in musical review, what I like to call ‘intelligent music or musicianship.’ Intelligent musicians force the listener to ponder about what they are being exposed to; the music isn’t spoonfed into your senses like a top-50 summer jam. It’s introspective, contemplative, maybe even existential. ‘Symphony for a longing heart’ exemplifies intelligent music.

The musicianship of the track is refreshingly haunting. Beautiful piano mixes with atmospheric reverberation and multiple parts continue to overlay one another in an epic fashion. It does feel ethnic as well, introducing superb percussion and brass sections, too. The track hits full stride when the orchestration reaches its tipping point with one of the most beautiful string sections I’ve ever heard in independent music.

The brevity of ‘Symphony for a longing heart’ is wonderful as well. Too often instrumental composers get bogged down in dramatic numbers that overstay their welcome after five minutes and drone into oblivion. This song is paced and executed perfectly, making for a wonderful listen numerous times without ever wearing out its welcome.

If all of the music that was submitted to me to review was as good as ‘Symphony for a longing heart,’ my job would be very easy. It’s not, though, and that’s why I savor a good track like this when it gets thrown my way. Good on you, Zayed Hassan; keep up the good work.