Bud Summers - Press Release - August 9, 2015



Bud Summers Releases Sixth Independent Effort, ‘The Way’

Bud Summers, a musician hailing from St. Louis, is preparing to release his sixth studio endeavor, a seven track record entitled ‘The Way.’ Summers has become known throughout the midwest for his eclectic solo performances that incorporate digital looping, harmonizers, and foot percussion. Essentially, he’s the ultimate one man band. ‘The Way,’ however, is backed by two incredibly talented studio musicians, thus creating a perfect balance between the sound of the album and Summers’ signature solo style.

‘The Way’ is difficult to classify because it culminates an array of genres into one coherent piece of art. As Summers describes it, the album is ‘Groundhog Music,’ music that is ‘a little bluesy, a little jazzy, and not too far from the rock.’ This eccentric style is a product of Summers’ upbringing, a musical one filled with jazz, classical, musical, and church music.

In promotion of ‘The Way,’ Summers has a modest touring schedule throughout August and into September. Performing both in Illinois and Missouri, Summers has eight dates scheduled, including a performance this evening at Hidden Lake Winery in Illinois. Note that there are more dates scheduled for August, September, and October, they are just yet to be published. Fans can keep updated via Summers' website and social networking. He also performed 20 dates in June, including a southern swift through Nashville, New Orleans, and Memphis. In July, he performed 15 dates, including a northern swing through Chicago and various cities in Michigan. Summers averages 125 dates a year.

For fans interested in checking out his performance style, Summers has seven live performance videos available online, which can be found below along with links to connect with him on social media and his website.

A detailed review, (and an incredibly positive one at that) can be found here on the Independent Spotlight as well. The seven track collection is a superb exhibition of Summers’ raw musical and lyrical talent, a time capsule of genre-blending that every music fan will find something to enjoy within. Check out ‘The Way’ now. (Available for stream below.)


Live Performances: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV8mZk6M0RilCrCfe0bxIkrt7MMaYCtK5

Stream ‘The Way’ https://soundcloud.com/budsummers/sets/the-way