Dechard - Press Release - May 29, 2015



Introducing Richard Di Benedetto (Dechard)

Richard Di Benedetto, also known under the moniker of Dechard, is an up and coming producer, DJ, and sound designer. Born and raised in Italy with Belgian origins, he has culminated a vast creative portfolio with intriguing influence both from his native European roots and his new American experiences in Los Angeles.

Dechard typically works with ‘modular sound,’ which is the processing of sound through his main instrument in the studio: the Virus TI Polar. The tool allows him to create unique work that has a vintage, yet modern vibe. Stomping grooves, dreamy chords, future-funk riffs, cinematic atmospheres, and an array of collaborations with other artists all act as catalysts for Dechard’s fully original style and sound.

Since the age of sixteen, Dechard has been performing in clubs and across many different stages. He studied sound engineering at Essex University and has built his own professional studio, worked on a variety of projects, and he landed a deal to officially remix a single for Alex Vargas. (EMI, UK) He’s also released remixed for artists and bands such as EDX, Bob Sinclar, and Phaze Project.

His first EP was released in 2013, ‘Amazing,’ an album inspired by Dechard’s desire to take his art a step further by departing the European music scene for America. Shortly after arriving in the United States, he also worked on a soundtrack for a Fox television series, ‘Dos Lunas.’

After releasing two more EP’s in 2014, ‘Three Gems’ and ‘Balloons,’ Dechard began collaborating with Irma Records, one of the more significant contemporary Italian labels. He’s also producing a record for the rising star Sabrina Petrini. (Universal Music Group / B.A.M Records)

Dechard’s debut album, to be expected in 2016, is currently in the works. If you’d like to read an exclusive interview with Dechard here on the Independent Spotlight where he goes into depth on his music and life, click here. To connect with him online on social networking platforms, please see their respective links below: