Once More, Autumn - Press Release - July 4, 2015



Once More, Autumn To Release Debut Record This August

The independent indie folk duo, Once More, Autumn, is preparing to release their eponymous debut album. The six-track collection exhibits Evan Walton and Brady Lorenzen in top form, drawing upon an array of influences to create a unique and eclectic sound akin to Bon Iver or Death Cab for Cutie. Currently available for pre-order, ‘Once More, Autumn’ will drop on Tuesday, August 4 from the indie record label, Almost Alaskan.

Based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Once More, Autumn combines gentle melodies with passionate and authentic folk atmospheres. The vibrant, emotional, and heartfelt album is the manifestation of Walton’s words and music; Lorenzen produced and engineered the record. Though the outfit is certainly a vehicle for Walton’s work, Once More, Autumn is an endeavor designed to showcase a collective of musicians, rather than focusing the spotlight on an individual. Thus, guitarist and vocalist Keston Wright makes multiple appearances throughout the record. This mentality is a centerpiece to the project, encouraging unity and the ‘strengthening of the bonds of brotherhood in music.’

Once More, Autumn’s relevant social networking information can be found below. The debut release will be available both physically and digitally, and can now be pre-ordered through Band Camp. Pre-orders will include an immediate download of the self-titled single as well. Fans can also connect with Once More, Autumn on YouTube where the lyrical music video for ‘Nevermine’ is live, too.

Facebook - www.facebook.com/OnceMoreAutumn

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