Phillip Foxley - Press Release - May 20, 2015



Phillip Foxley Releases Blistering New Blues Record, ‘I’ll Try ‘Till I Die’

This week Phillip Foxley, a seasoned guitarist and songwriter, released his debut album, ‘I’ll Try ‘Till I Die.’ The new record was dropped via CD Baby, thus, it’ll be available on all major digital platforms. The eclectic fourteen track collection is an incredibly diverse and ambitious endeavor, one that comes from Foxley’s ‘very soul.’

From the United Kingdom, Foxley first began his musical career in the 1970s playing in clubs and bars. Throughout the years he’s dabbled in studio sessions, house bands, and writing music for television and film. He classifies himself as a blues rocker, but the new album explores a sonic palette of immense proportions. From ‘blistering blues rock guitar’ to ‘soft acoustic and piano tracks,’ ‘I’ll Try ‘Till I Die’ is the culmination of years of creativity and writing on Foxley’s behalf.

In that sense, the new album is a retrospective of Foxley’s pursuits in music. Not only does it feature an array of original tracks, but it also houses a number of performances that feature notable artists. These collaborations in particular make the experience a dramatically original effort.

"If you’ve never heard of Phillip Foxley then you should seek out his music, turn up the volume and zone out. It reflects the maturity so loved and appreciated in the great blues rock players. His song collection has all the right stuff; edgy blues to classically styled rock to soft acoustic and piano tunes. It’s like listening to three generations of blues rock on one album." - Jamsphere Magazine

Thousands of listeners have already flocked to hear Foxley and his new tunes; he’s clocked in over 75,000 song plays on Reverb Nation and his video plays are over six times as visited. This following has extended to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter as well. Given that Foxley is an independent, unsigned artist, this is particularly encouraging and proves the potential longevity of this new studio pursuit.  

Like many veteran guitarists, Foxley attributes the likes of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jimmy Page as influences in his life and music. These influences are riddled throughout ‘I’ll Try ‘Till I Die,’ from moody guest vocalists to stunning instrumental performances that exemplify Foxley’s mastery of his instrument.

The new record can be purchased at all major digital distribution outlets, including popular websites like iTunes and Amazon. It’s also available directly through CD Baby. Click on through the links below to check out the new record or to follow Foxley on social media.