Rousing Flow - Press Release - June 27, 2015



Introducing Rousing Flow & His Eclectic New Record, 'Play Music'

Rousing Flow, the moniker of Arizona, Pheonix based artist Daniel Blanchard, has released his debut record, a lengthy collection of instrumentals by the name of ‘Play Music.’ Since its May 23 debut, the album has been remarkably well-received in the independent community as critics hail Blanchard’s innovative and unique work.

‘Play Music’ is a record of sophisticated simplicity. Despite its haunting soundscapes and occasionally rocking vibes, the album was recorded in a very barebones fashion. Blanchard utilized an old bass, his son’s cheap guitar, and Garageband software to build his vision. Garageband’s drum and synthesizer sequences were used for the backing, thus proving that quality is a manifestation of talent, not necessarily resources. A regular MIDI controller wasn’t even used, only a QWERTY keyboard.

Blanchard’s story and motivation is what makes ‘Play Music’ the intriguing record that it is. He’s a forty-seven year old father and husband - his amazing family has been a continual catalyst for his creativity. In fact, the songs on ‘Play Music’ were very much designed to be sensual and soft, the soundtrack to Blanchard and his wife’s love life. “We’ve have been rediscovering each other during the last three years and it has been magical for us,” Blanchard explains. The intimacy of his inspiration becomes immediately evident as the instrumental set list is chock-full of introspective and beautiful melodies.

"Making this music has made me feel so alive and connected with a passionate purpose. I sincerely hope it will connect with people so I can keep creating more and feeling that amazing." 

- Rousing Flow

‘Play Music’ came to life during a time when Blanchard left the safety of a regular paycheck for room to breathe. His endeavor is a true form of self-discovery and reinvention, one that has brought new color into his life. He’s working on music for meditation, belly dancing, and hypnosis as well, building upon his instrumental repertoire. The production of his music and the definition of his textures and atmospheres is what keeps Blanchard creative - a process he’d love to introduce other artists and musicians into in the future.

"This is a hypnotic and strongly sensual collection of instrumentals that have been very well composed, performed, and produced. Rousing Flow has developed his own niche and musical style, which is not easy to do in the instrumental genre."

- The Faulkner Review

Currently, Blanchard is pursuing the promotion of Rousing Flow and ‘Play Music.’ Visitors to his website can enter the play room and receive exclusive content and a free unreleased track. The album is also available on every major digital music distribution and streaming outlet. ‘Play Music’ will also eventually be accompanied by the release of music videos, the first of which is currently in the works. Detailed information on Rousing Flow and where to find his music can be found below.

Rousing Flow’s ‘Play Music’ was produced by, Blanchard’s umbrella for the projects he creates with his wife.

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