Simply Samm - Press Release - August 1, 2015



Simply Samm Releases Debut Single, ‘I Know It’ - Available Now

Samuel Abraham Meheux, a singer songwriter who works under the moniker of Simply Samm, has released his debut single, ‘I Know It.’ Released by his own label, aptly called Simply Samm Records, the new tune is available on YouTube and on the label’s website. First, though, some information on Meheux and his endeavor...

Simply Samm Records opened up shop in the United Kingdom to support up and coming artists. Songwriters, session musicians, vocalists, dancers, fashion designers, and models are under the label’s umbrella as well, creating a full suite of rising talent. The label is accepting portfolios and demos in an outreach effort to connect with talents that have that ‘blessing from up above.’

The latest release from Simply Samm Records is ‘I Know It,’ (Stylized to ‘I Know 8!’) a new soul tune that released with an accompanying music video. Samm’s new song elegantly blends classic R&B and soul elements with contemporary flair and style. The video is beautifully shot, exhibiting the class and charm of the new song in perfect form.

Though the new song is available to stream on YouTube with the video, ‘I Know It’ is also available on Simply Samm Records’ website. Listeners have the opportunity to support the label through the purchase of any of the different renditions of the single. The album version is available along with a radio edit, an acapella, a TV-ready backing track, and an instrumental.

To connect with Simply Samm Records, see the relevant information below. The five different ‘I Know It’ renditions are available on the label’s shop. Simply Samm’s social networking is available below as well, along with a direct link to the YouTube music video of ‘I Know It.’