Stonedove - 'Tear Off The Page'

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In this edition of the Independent Spotlight, we’re going to be revisiting Lovely Drops, a record label that we’ve previously delved into here on the website. The man behind the label, Christopher T, has now expanded the house music label to include other artists. The latest of those artists is Stonedove. Stonedove’s new single is ‘Tear Off The Page.’ Let’s check it out.

Stone Dove describes his (Using the generic ‘he’ since I’m not sure of the gender of Stonedove) music as concentrated on ‘deep, progressive, soulful, spacious house music.’ That’s certainly a tall order to fill with quite a few different ambitions. Fortunately, ‘Tear Off The Page’ seems to accomplish this in spades.

Immediately, ‘Tear Off The Page’ hits you with a soulful and funky beat. A heavy bass beat propels forward some fantastic piano and female vocals. Funk and soul wise, it sounds like something straight off of an early Stax Records recording. (The vocals, at least.) As the song progresses, it gets increasingly complex. Since the new tune is over seven minutes long, this cataclysmically epic progression of complexity is drawn out significantly.

There’s still something inherently simple about ‘Tear Off The Page,’ though. It’s fun, absolutely dance worthy, and extremely bass heavy, but it doesn’t include a massive ‘drop’ or explosion, which often house music does. I actually dig that about this new song. It rises and falls in a very rhythmic fashion. Even the waveform depicts the song like that. It gives it a nice flow.

‘Tear Off The Page’ seems to be one of Stonedove’s first releases off of Lovely Drops. It’s a very impressive outing and shows quite a bit of potential. Artist Przemaz B also remixed the track and did a superb job with it - It's always nice to see a release accented with a fine remix that takes some artistic liberties to expand the song even further.

So in any case, I like a lot of the stuff coming out of Lovely Drops. Check out the label and Stonedove’s new single off it. The remix and original track are certainly something to write home about.