TENGGER CAVALRY - Press Release - June 5, 2015



Mongolian folk metal outfit, TENGGER CAVALRY, Releases Fifth Album

The sound of Mongolian folk metal outfit, TENGGER CAVALRY, has been described as ‘exhilaratingly unique,’ a sound that ‘infuses heavy metal with traditional Mongolian folk and primal Shamanistic musical tradition. ‘Blood Sacrifice Shaman’ marks the fifth official release from the band, though it’s a completely re-recorded tracklist of the original Chinese limited release in 2010.

The music is designed to reflect the philosophy and atmosphere of ancient Mongolian shamanism. Shamanism is the earliest form of religion in human history, a practice that exalts natural forces. The new release attempts to cover profound ground by relating itself to one of the most primal forms of sacrifice and tradition. An eclectic collection of diverse and remarkably compelling instruments provide authentic and intriguing soundscapes quite unlike any other act from the region, or anywhere else in the world, for that matter.

Those looking to support TENGGER CAVALRY can do so on their label’s website, Metal Hell Records. The label offers the release in a variety of formats, including a CD with a lengthy booklet and two bonus tracks. In more recent news, one of the band’s songs was even utilized in a popular smartphone game. This fifth endeavor from the award-winning group exhibits the massive distance the project has traversed since Nature Ganganbaigal began it as a solo effort six years ago.

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