The Jukebox Spotlight - At The Dakota

On May 25, the third episode of the Jukebox podcast aired. The show is now available on this website, iTunes, Tune In Radio, PocketCasts, Sticher, and every other major podcasting platform. Each month, the show highlights the strongest independent music possible.

When tuning into this episode of the Jukebox, listeners will hear 'Stumptail,' an upcoming track from At the Dakota, a rising Australian indie pop band. The track is an exclusive first look for Jukebox listeners since the song will be available June 11 and the subsequent album on July 23. (On all major digital retailers, iTunes, Google, streaming services, etc.)

The four-track EP is seeking to expand At the Dakota's audience. In particular, the band wants to introduce themselves to American audiences. They're touring their own country in October, but hoping to move onto the United States in the future. Hence, US listeners can exclusively receive a free download of the new single by following the band on Twitter or liking them on Facebook.

The five-piece outfit embodies the Jukebox promise to the fullest. This indie group is producing exceptional quality music and we fully expect the rest of the EP to be equally as outstanding. Upon the broadcast of the show, At the Dakota was one of the most well-received acts on the show. Here at the Jukebox, we're hoping to be one of the catalysts to get these guys heard stateside. So, if you're a US listener, go snap up that free download! It's a track very much worth adding to your summer playlists this season.

You can find At the Dakota on Facebook below and you can stream the Jukebox on any podcasting platform, or at the second link provided.