The MASH - Press Release - May 22, 2015



The MASH Release New Song, ‘Misery Of You And Me’

Malaysian power pop-rock group The MASH have released their new single, ‘Misery Of You And Me.’ The self-described ‘sugar high’ quartet derives their name from the phrase ‘mash-up,’ meaning they’ve culminated their eclectic influences together to craft a sound that everyone can enjoy.

‘Misery Of You And Me’ is a hard-hitting rock anthem with explosive guitar riffs, a powerhouse vocal performance, thundering percussion, and a deafening wall of sound. True to the name of the group, the epic new track embraces a true melting pot of influence. Bands like Blink 182, Simple Plan, Yellowcard, and Tegan & Sara all seep through the new tune. The track was recorded, mixed, and produced at the Nu Breax Studio, assisted by engineer Ardy Hamdan.

The MASH also has a laundry list of fantastic achievements. They’ve been nominated for their rock songs, featured on different radio stations and independent music websites, and they were in the top three acts of the Hard Rock Cafe’s ‘Hard Rock Rising’ competition. The MASH has also been featured in an array of magazines.

The ambitious new group is making significant waves in their local scene and are looking to expand their scope in the future. They’ve certainly got the chops for international appeal. The MASH already have quite a prominent online presence as well with the support of thousands of fans on Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, and the like.

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