Boome1000 - Press Release - September 3, 2015



Rising Artist, Boome1000, To Release New Single On September 8

Promoted by Fireworks: The Agency, the rising hip hop artist, Boome1000, will be releasing a new single next Tuesday, September 8. ‘Level Up’ is a particularly exciting track since it provides a glimpse into ‘SJ III Gold Album,’ the record Boome dropped in April. The underdog talent has made a name for himself on an extensive live circuit in recent years. Backed by industry veterans and explosive, national acts, Boome’s rise to fame and relevance has been a thrilling adventure chock-full of powerful tunes and exceptional lyricism.

Born just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Boome was introduced to music at an early age. Hometown legends the likes of Outkast, Goodie Mob, and Ludacris all inspired Boome to take to the stage himself. One evening at the legendary Atlanta club, Bounce, Boome’s future ambitions ignited like a switch being flipped when he saw the iconic T.I. perform. Writing came naturally to Boome, and as a result, he was able to combine his favorite school subject with his career ambition, allowing him to express himself uniquely. With a musically inclined older brother also pushing Boome forward, music became a passion and addiction of Boome’s.

In 2013, Boome landed his big break on the ‘Rock the Bells’ tour. The young hip hip artist was able to prove himself on the big stage with the likes of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. That same year Boome toured 36 dates with J Cole, Macklemore, and more. Soon after, ‘Space Jamz 3 Gold Album’ debuted at #23 on the iTunes ‘Art of Mix’ charts, projecting Boome even deeper into the industry.

What makes Boome stand out from the rest of the independent hip hop scene? Well, quite a bit. In addition to his extensive tour with big-name acts, Boome has also been featured in several magazines including Fresh Magazine, True Magazine, and Hip Hop Weekly. He’s been named ‘Freshest Artist of 2013’ and ‘Rookie of the Year’ by two different publications, too. Perhaps most importantly, however, Boome is backed by the Skywalkers, his crew and fans...

Skywalking: Walking on the sky and doing the impossible - having the inner force to propel through life’s obstacles in an effort to follow your dreams, no matter how crazy or far fetched they may appear to be.

(Boome100, his touring crew, and his fans all subscribe to the ‘skywalking’ philosophy. Thus, Boome is deeply connected with his fanbase and always endeavors to inspire and excite them.) Bior and Kidd-Clo are Boome’s right hand skywalkers.

To accompany the release of ‘Level Up,’ Boome’s camp has released a well-shot music video for the song. The edgy mini-film is a bold statement of both Boome’s creativity and presence. The song and video are both microcosms of Boome’s primary pursuit: to ‘level up’ the music industry and take his craft to an unharnessed, radically new level. ‘Level Up’ can be listened to on Sound Cloud as well. For Boome’s website, along with all social networking, see below. On release day, (Sept. 8) the single will be available everywhere. This includes digital retailers such as iTunes and Amazon and streaming services such as Spotify and TIDAL.

‘Level Up’ and ‘SJ III Gold Album’ are under the umbrella of the label, Rizeupent/Skywalkers. Every record Boome1000 has ever released has been a genuine story; a powerful, provocative, and meaningful sonic journey. ‘Level Up’ is no exception, and the screams of the underdog are finally being heard. Boome’s music has been characterized as futuristic, full of political innuendo and mind-sparking commentary.

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