AamityMae - 'Unlove Me'

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In this morning’s Independent Spotlight, we’re shining our gaze on AamityMae, a rising pop artist hailing from Los Angeles. The moniker is that of Katrina Stone, a woman with a simple, but noble endeavor - to create retro pop music with that unique flair and ‘magic’ that’s lost in so much current content within the genre. Her new eponymous record is slated for March 25, but the single, ‘Unlove You,’ is available now. Let’s dig into it.

Pop music is a difficult landscape to occupy. One must walk a thin line between trope-driven monotony and creative ingenuity. Often critics and fans don’t realize the difficulty of penning a good pop song. There’s an art to it. AamityMae has mastered that art nicely, and ‘Unlove You’ is a superb excursion through the potential of her new album. (It’s also worth mentioning this is her pop debut; she’s worked before under her real name and as part of a folk duo, ‘The Likes Of Us.’)

Right off the bat, the track is very well produced. The composition backing her isn’t terribly original, but it’s also elegant in its brevity. It isn’t overproduced or ostentatious. It’s atmospheric and complimentary of AamityMae’s presence. Her hooks are infectiously catchy, the lyrics are quite tactful, and the vocals are worth writing home about, too. AamityMae isn’t bombastic. She has a perfect mix of softness, rawness, and personality.

AamityMae has definitely achieved her retro endeavor, but I’d argue the song is also freshly contemporary as well. There is a balance there, something that’s even showcased in her official music video - a psychedelic 80s-esque romp through heavy overuse of video effects. Surprisingly, the video doesn’t feel kitschy or forced. AamityMae has a comfort in her own sound, and that comes across.

‘Unlove You’ is quite a good pop song. It walks that aforementioned line well, and ultimately lands itself on the more creative side of it. It’s a simplistic song, but it does have its distinct flair. If it’s indicative of the Californian’s entire record, it’ll be a pursuit worth checking out when it drops this coming month. Spin the music below and follow AamityMae online.