Adam Layne Fisher - Press Release - November 4, 2015



Adam Layne Fisher To Release New Live Album, ‘Live at Barnet Park’ on November 6

Adam Layne Fisher, a rising independent contemporary Christian musician, is preparing to release his latest official endeavor - an eleven track live effort recorded at the Zimmerli Amphitheater in Barnet Park. The South Carolina show harnesses the raw emotion and power of Fisher’s live performance. That passion is essential to the contemporary Christian genre, and thus, Fisher’s latest effort is a resolute reminder of the power of live praise music.

‘Live at Barnet Park’ consists almost entirely of live renditions from Fisher’s debut studio effort, ‘To God Be.’ There are several interchanged tracks, however, including tunes such as ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Lift High The Cross.’ Fisher has a fondness for hymns, and as a result, much of his music is contemporary reworkings of familiar pieces throughout the church. “It’s not enough to create a good song,” Fisher explains. “You must create a song that we can all sing together.”

That very spirit of unity fuels the entirety of Fisher’s endeavors. Fisher offers chord charts via his official website for nearly all of the tunes on ‘To God Be’ and ‘Barnet Park,’ encouraging worship services around the world to utilize them. This outreach is even further extended by Fisher’s online presence, some of which includes lessons for church bands on how to utilize stem backing tracks and building musical rigs. He’s also developed a hymn resource website that offers a number of free arrangements alongside extensive blog posts and subscription access for complete resources.

Fisher has a long-time association with a number of ministries dating back to his early teens, and thus, he’s been heavily involved as a worship leader and musician within the church. With over fifteen years of experience traveling across the country as a worship leader, Fisher is even available to book for your church, retreat, or conference. In addition to his massive resume within the church, Fisher has been involved as a producer on several efforts, both on his own records and for independent bands as well. As a songwriter, he is always looking to collaborate and encourages congregational participation in his work. Reworkings of familiar hymns are common subject matter for Fisher, and he’ll often start from scratch with new melodies and creative themes.

The whole of ‘Live at Barnet Park’ was professionally filmed and is available on YouTube, the playlist to which can be found below. The album is available to pre-order on iTunes for $4.99. Digital deliveries of pre-orders will distribute on November 6. For fans interested in streaming the new album, Fisher is offering a SoundCloud stream of the effort, which is also available below. The music has one ultimate goal - to make the name of Jesus known and glorify His name.

‘Live at Barnet Park’ can be found below to stream and to pre-order, along with Fisher’s relevant social networking information and his official website. Via that website, listeners can delve deeper into his work as a producer, songwriter, and worship leader. More so, musicians can connect with Fisher to receive chord charts and aid in bettering their own worship experiences. Finally, Hymns4Bands is linked below, which is Fisher’s service that aims to provide quality hymns and material for worship groups.