Press Release - After The Blackout - September 26, 2016



After The Blackout Debuts New Eponymous EP

Boston, Massachusetts - One month ago on August 26, the independent punk rock outfit After The Blackout debuted their latest studio endeavor, a self-titled EP with five new tracks. The short collection is a compelling insight into the four-piece band’s effort to further define themselves as a notable group in Boston’s music scene.

All four members of After The Blackout are veterans of the independent music industry. Mike Derusha, Walter Labree, Evan Desmarais, and Justin Leduc have been performing in different bands throughout the Worcester/Boston area for over two decades, and together their chemistry is undeniably infectious. In August of 2015, they exploded onto the scene as a uniquely energetic live act. The band has previously shared the stage with national acts the likes of Tommy Lee, Static-X, Wyclef Jean, and more.

After The Blackout traces their lineage back to the early days of punk, citing acts like The Ramones as influence. Their niche, however, is developed around the punk rock of the early 2000s. Acts like Blink 182, Rise Against, Green Day, and Bad Religion are akin to After The Blackout, and their nostalgic yet contemporary take on the style has won them over fans at every show they’ve taken the stage at.

After The Blackout’s self-titled EP is the band’s first real foray into the studio. The EP was written and recorded at Studio 420 in Worcester, and the five tracks exhibit the group’s range in a masterful fashion. These songs will get feet tapping, audiences moving, and fans rocking out - especially when spun at max volume! Fans can connect with After The Blackout on their website and social networking for continued updates on new projects and releases, and the self-titled EP is available now on all major digital music platforms.



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