Blak Gondi Musik - Press Release - January 18, 2016



Blak Gondi Musik Releases New Mixtape, ‘Late Nights & Good Memories’

Alphonzo Jones, an aspiring independent music producer, has released his debut effort ‘Late Nights & Good Memories’ under the moniker of Blak Gondi Musik. The twenty-five year old producer’s instrumental endeavor clocks in at a hefty eleven tracks, and throughout its runtime, Blak Gondi Musik wants to represent the sound of New Jersey. His elegant portrayal of his city is chock-full of hip hop, soul, jazz, R&B, and pop influence.

The mixtape has what Blak Gondi Musik describes as a “chill lounge feel.” This is widely due to the subject matter on which ‘Late Nights & Good Memories’ is based. The record is a musical chronology of late night time events and social outings in Jersey. The creative process and production of the album was executed by Blak Gondi Musik. Like nearly every other producer, however, he did sample certain bits of instrumentation and old school melodies. Inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, and A$AP Rocky, Blak Gondi Musik’s musical lineage is impressively versed, and ‘Late Nights & Good Memories’ attempts to carve out his own space within it.

The album isn't entirely without vocals. Hailing from Orlando, Florida,  rising artist Alexa Ortiz provides an eclectic vocal performance on the fifth track, ‘Special.’ Beautifully mixed with Blak Gondi Musik’s productional prowess, Ortiz’s showcase on the record is one of the defining moments in the collection.

“I love being humble and I love to learn,” Blak Gondi Musik said. “That’s how I came up with my stage name.” The south Jersey native’s new record can be picked up via BandCamp and fans can follow both Jones and Ortiz on SoundCloud. (All of which can be found below.) ‘Late Nights & Good Memories’ is available now.