Blak Pope - Press Release - March 18, 2016



Blak Pope Has An Announcement: Judgement Day Is Over

Blak Pope, a rising independent hip hop artist in Seattle, is sending a message to the masses that judgement day is finally over. His new single, ‘My Own Life,’ dropped on Feb. 29 to significant acclaim from fans. Now, on April 3, Blak Pope will be debuting the accompanying music video for the new tune.

‘My Own Life’ is a song of self-independence, according to Blak Pope. “It’s a song I wrote basically because I have been judged almost my entire existence,” says the artist. “I got tired of pretending to be who I am not.” The new single liberates the listener, reminding them that you don’t need to face rejection for what you do, where you’re from, what you wear, or the life choices you make.

'My Own Life' challenges those who would set judgement upon you by asking simply, "Why you mad, bro?" The song gets in the face of those that would impose their unnecessary judgement upon others for just being themselves. If someone isn't hurting you by following their own path, then why block it with ill-will and hostility?

Originally from Cameroon, West Africa, Blak Pope has always been heavily inspired by American hip hop. Now, as he resides in Seattle, Washington, Blak Pope has made an indelible mark on the independent industry as more than your typical hip hop artist. He’s a master of of party hip hop, and he’s got a unique talent for getting clubs bumping with some of the sharpest produced club songs around.

‘My Own Life’ is a first insight into ‘Breaking News,’ Blak Pope’s upcoming debut full-length album. The endeavor will include several collaborations with well-known hip hop artists from the Seattle scene. The music video for ‘My Own Life’ will drop April 3!

Blak Pope’s music is released via Big Talk Records.

Contact: | 206-818-2107