Press Release - The Blue Ribbon Four - Oct. 23, 2016



The Blue Ribbon Four Preparing To Release Their Sophomore Effort In 2017

After nearly four years since their debut studio album, The Blue Ribbon Four is about to explode back onto the independent music scene with a bang. In the first quarter of 2017, the four-piece rockabilly outfit will release their highly-anticipated second album. The wait, of course, will be well worthwhile.

Since the release of ‘Honky Tonk Boogie’ in 2013, The Blue Ribbon Band has grown in remarkable new ways. They’ve written new songs, they’ve played new venues, and they’ve toured Germany and the rest of Europe learning a great deal along the way. Their upcoming collection of music contains fourteen brand new recordings. Two singles, ‘Mademoiselle My Belle’ and ‘Sawgrass Chopper,’ are due out in the weeks preceding the full album.

(The B-side of 'Sawgrass Chopper’ will be ‘Honky Tonk Boogie,’ a re-interpretation of the titular track on The Blue Ribbon Four’s previous album. It will not be on this full record.)

This record is sure to have you moving from the pounding rhythm of ‘Let’s Boogie’ to the ever-so-contagious licks on ‘Sawgrass Chopper.’ The Blue Ribbon Four’s honky tonkin’ piano style reaches new heights on tunes like ‘Forty Miles To See My Baby,’ an excursion that boasts a mean country fiddle. ‘Dream A Little Baby,’ on the other hand, offers a softer ballad that’ll delight fans in an entirely different way.

The hot jiving rhythm of ‘Mademoiselle My Belle’ is sure to please fans of The Blue Ribbon Four, and honky tonk country selections like ‘Forty Miles’ and ‘It’s Hard To Play’ help further concrete the band’s authentic and entirely original sound. Even after seven years together, the group’s sound is as fresh and compelling as it ever has been.

This album is an elegant sonic portrait of The Blue Ribbon Four’s talent and versatility. The selections these cats have recorded showcase their musical prowess in a fascinating new light. Whether you’re at home, at your nearest record hop, or at one of the band’s live shows, you’re sure to be entertained!

These new songs were recorded live in three days at Lightning Recorders Studio in Berlin, Germany. Parts Records will release the album through Broken Silence distribution, thus making it available on all major digital platforms, including Amazon and iTunes. Connect with The Blue Ribbon Four below for further updates!