Charles Luck - 'Life's A Dream'

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music. 

Earlier this week here on the Independent Spotlight, we featured Charles Luck from Black Astronaut, a prolific music collective, and his single ‘Earthquakes.’ It was an excellent piece, but it lacked some of the depth that we’ve come to expect from Luck in lieu of a more pop-oriented sound. The artist has put out a new single, however, that explores the much more lyrical side of Luck’s work. Is it a tune worth checking out? Let's dig in and find out!

‘Life’s A Dream’ brings a new player to the Black Astronaut release table: Sticky Bud. Every previous release that the Independent Spotlight has covered of Luck’s has featured guest artist Tino Red. In this case, however, Sticky Bud takes the reins and does an excellent job. He interprets Luck’s music superbly, and his fast-paced delivery suits this new single remarkably well.

‘Life’s A Dream’ is as one would expect, an inspirational song. It manages to avoid cliche quite well, however, due to Luck’s predictably sharp lyrical tact. “Behind all this misery, my life’s a dream,” Sticky Bud declares in the choruses that have a fantastic backdrop of explosive electronic synthesized string sections. Sticky Bud’s delivery feels authentic, which helps sell the inspirational theme. The performance feels “lived in,” as if Sticky Bud has lived through this song’s ups and downs and is now sharing it that experience with the world. 

The production is a fantastic effort from beginning to end. Sticky Bud is well mixed, the synthesizers are well performed, and the beats are tight. If you listen closely on a good sound system, you’ll hear all sorts of other intricacies, too, like the fluctuating effects underneath the verses. Luck has become, at least here on the Independent Spotlight, the gold standard of consistent quality in hip hop production. 'Life's A Dream' is no exception. 

‘Life’s A Dream’ accomplishes a difficult goal: it’s an inspirational hip hop track that doesn’t feel completely cheesy and kitschy. It’s genuine, and Luck and Sticky Bud were the perfect pair to help it reach its potential. It’s worth giving a spin on Soundcloud below and adding to your library on the service.