Charles Luck ft. Addie - 'Child of the Universe'

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

This afternoon on the Independent Spotlight we shine our gaze on Charles Luck and his Black Astronaut collective. They’ve got a new tune out, ‘Child of the Universe,’ and it was performed by Addie, one of the collective’s female vocalists. Even though Luck is remarkably prolific, it’s been quite awhile since we saw one of his songs fronted not only by a singer instead of a rapper, but a woman, too. Is it a single that succeeds in bringing an exciting new entry to the Black Astronaut catalog? Let’s find out!

There’s a very ethereal sound to ‘Child of the Universe,’ so much so that it sounds like a spiritual successor to Luck’s superb debut album from last year, ‘Life on Mars.’ There’s an interesting lyrical dichotomy on the track. Addie acknowledges she’s a “child of the universe,” and that the space around her is massive, making her but a small piece of a larger puzzle. At the same time, however, she’s invested in unlocking the universe’s secrets and potential.

Addie’s performance is top notch, too. She has a strong voice and vocal presence, and she’s the core of the track’s infectious personality. She has a very suave nature to her delivery, and she walks a perfect line between pop and soul vocals. It’s refreshing to hear a Black Astronaut tune with a woman at the helm, and she does it justice. It’s one of the best Black Astronaut performances this year thus far.

The prowess of Addie’s performance, however, would struggle to shine the way it does without a solid production. The atmospheric landscape of ‘Child of the Universe’ is beautifully orchestrated, implementing heavy beats and delicate synthesizers that aren’t overpowering at all. Again, it’s very much within the vein of ‘Life on Mars,’ which is a high compliment. The single is well mixed, too, and Addie is complemented well by the composition.

‘Child of the Universe’ is fantastic. It’s very worth including in one’s music collection. It was dropped on iTunes last November, and it’s available to stream on Soundcloud now. (Which you can do above.) Give it a listen; it’s Black Astronaut doing what they do best. | |