Danny Fantom - Press Release - February 10, 2016



Danny Fantom Releases Anticipated Mixtape, ‘Cigarettes & Caffeine’

Danny Fantom, a rising new age solo hip hop artist, has released his latest studio endeavor. Entitled ‘Cigarettes & Caffeine,’ the mixtape is the long awaited follow-up to his 2012 debut, ‘Going Ghost.’ That record gained local buzz and lead to Fantom being featured on the famous Vans Warped Tour. (He performed on the ‘Yo Bring it Back’ hip hop stage in 2013 and 2014.) The new album is available digitally and as a limited-run physical copy.

Fantom heavily emphasizes that he is a conscience performer; he’s tuned into real world problems and he harbors a distaste for contemporary rap. Before he broke out as a solo artist, he gained significant online popularity with the nerdcore rap group, ‘The Grand Arkanum.’ The outfit would perform primarily in comic shops. Fantom also received recognition in his local music scene performing with ‘The Vanguard.’

Fantom’s unique take on being a modern hip hop performer hasn’t stopped him from gaining relevance in popular industry circles. He’s performed with the likes of Ceschi, Madchild, Sammus, Mega-Ran, MC Frontalot, and a myriad of other talents. This stems from Fantom being heavily involved in the Central Massachusetts hip hop scene. His desire is to unite all of these powers and break out!

In addition to his appearance on the aforementioned Warped Tour, Fantom also appeared on the 2015 Full Blast Summer Tour down the east coast toward South Carolina. When performing with MC Frontalot, the performer said, “Your CD, [‘Going Ghost’] was the best CD I was given this entire tour. Keep at it.” Obie Trice expressed similar sentiments. “You was up there rapping right?” he inquired. “You don’t even look like a rapper! You do this... as a hobby?! Good... being a rapper is played out. Do you man. Respect.”

Strongly inspired by artists like Common, Frank Sinatra, Michael Franti, Kid Cudi, Imagine Dragons, and many others, Fantom has been able to craft a wholly original and authentic hip hop sound entirely his own. ‘Cigarettes & Caffeine’ was released digitally via BandCamp on Feb. 3. The day before, Fantom hosted the release event at Electric Haze in Worcester.

The digital copy of the mixtape is name-your-price, meaning listeners can opt to download it for free. Physical copies are available through BandCamp as well for $5 plus shipping. The sophomore record will debut its first official music video this Sunday, Feb. 14.

Fantom is already creating the follow-up project as well, an all-original EP entitled ‘The Spirit of Hip Hop.’ Its release date is pending. Follow Fantom on social media at the links below and pick up the mixtape today!




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