Dave Blair - Press Release - November 6, 2016



Dave Blair Releases Sophomore Studio Endeavor, ‘Not Afraid To Bleed’

New York City - ‘Not Afraid To Bleed,’ the second studio album release from the eclectic guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Dave Blair, is now available on all major digital music platforms. The nine-song collection is an elegant excursion through Blair’s explosive knack for combining genre stylings in especially fascinating ways. ‘Not Afraid To Bleed’ is funk rock at its core, but it's also jam-packed with a slew of other compelling sonic influences.

That dynamic sound has caused fans and critics to draw parallels between Dave Blair and acts akin to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Blair cites influence the likes of Van Halen, Santana, Hendrix, David Bowie, Niles Rogers, and more. As such, Blair’s diverse musical palette allows him to explore retro funk rock vibes with a particularly contemporary, fresh spin.

“[Dave Blair is] not just a talented singer, nor a first-class songwriter or even dynamic guitarist, but an exciting and original performer able to hold his own at any kind of music event.” - Tony Clarke, Maverick Magazine

‘Not Afraid To Bleed’ was mixed by the legendary producer Ronan Chris Murphy, who has previously worked with King Crimson, Steve Morse, and other acts. Blair’s funk grooves are further accentuated by P-Funk All Stars / Woo Warriors bass veteran Donna McPherson, and the melodic, soulful vocal arrangements feature Scissor Sisters vocalist Bridget Barkan.

The tracks on ‘Not Afraid To Bleed’ are true to the album’s name: they’re raw, they’re poignantly and unabashedly personal, and they’re universally relatable. Blair’s heart and soul is drawn out across each and every note of the collection, and he invites his fans to join him for ballads of lost love, aggressively funky tunes, and feel-good, inspirational anthems.

‘Not Afraid To Bleed’ is available to download and stream on all major digital music platforms. Listeners can also buy the record on Dave Blair’s website. Furthermore, fans can visit DaveFreeSong.com to receive three free music downloads and sign up to keep updated on his latest releases and news!