Press Release - Detox The Kid - December 8, 2016



Detox The Kid Releases Dynamic New Single, Available Now

Last Thursday, December 1, the independent hip hop artist Detox The Kid released his latest studio endeavor, a single entitled ‘SSJ (Super Saiyan).’ Produced by Metro Boomin, the eclectic new single introduces Detox The Kid as a rising nerdcore rap performer with a unique twist: the fusion of anime and trap influence in his music. The style, which Detox The Kid refers to as ‘trapime,’ is a unique genre unto itself.

Trentin Hudson, otherwise known as Detox the Kid, isn’t just a lifelong hip hop fan. He’s a lifelong rapper. Rapping since the early age of three, Hudson has spent his whole life with the genre infusing itself into his world-view and artistic conscious. Four years later, by the age of seven, Hudson was further inspired by the family of musicians surrounding him to begin writing his own rhymes.

As he got older, Hudson’s talent only grew more prolific. By the time he was nine years old he was performing for his family and friends. Early in his life, he made the decision to utilize his music and showmanship to better those around him. Hudson, like many creative, ‘different’ youth, was bullied growing up. With his talent, however, he was able to show his peers that it’s cool to be different.

In January, Detox The Kid will be eighteen years old. To this day, he’s still different. He embrace his uniqueness, though, and has derived an immense amount of creativity from it. When asked about what inspired a recent compilation of music produced and written by Detox The Kid, he responded that anime and video games are notably important influences on his art. Musically, Detox The Kid cites the likes of Kanye West, Travis $cott, and Daft Punk as important inspirations.

Performing in local venues throughout various nearby cities, Detox The Kid has begun his lifelong quest: to change the lyrical repetition in the hip hop industry and bring the genre toward a more beneficial place. Some have argued that Detox The Kid is at the forefront of a new era of hip hop for a new generation - his generation.

Notably, Detox The Kid has become more prevalent in the hip hop community for touring throughout all of Florida and opening for industry beloved acts the likes of Wu-Tang’s Cappadonna and Mobb Deep. Furthermore, Detox The Kid was mentored by Special Ed, the artist behind the 1989 hit ‘I Got It Made,’ and he’s working with Richie Branson, a popular nerdcore artist who has been featured on Adult Swim.

Detox The Kid is poised to be a vital player in the industry’s next round of influential hip hop performers. ‘SSJ (Super Saiyan)’ is an elegant look into the budding artist’s prowess and potential: two things that continue to grow by the day. Fans can connect with Detox The Kid on his website and official social networking!

Twitter: @DetoxTheKid

Instagram: @DetoxTheKi