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DJ Cohen To Release Latest Studio Endeavor On SkyeLab Music This Week

On Wednesday, February 15, the independent inspirational music artist DJ Cohen will release his latest studio effort, a single entitled ‘Pay It Forward.’ Due out on SkyeLab Music Group, the record was produced by the award-winning producer Arty “Skye” Shweky. The release marks Cohen’s debut as a solo artist.

Best known for his work as an inspirational speaker, Cohen is commonly found speaking to crowds of thousands as a living, breathing example of what it means to ‘live life to the fullest.’ Shortly after being diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, Cohen took to the stage with his charismatic talks to incorporate humor, sarcasm, and his raw, realistic outlook on life into a positive message that everyone can relate to.

A long-time poet, Cohen began to outlet his most vulnerable musings by sharing his work online. This made an indelible impact on thousands of readers, offering words of wisdom and inspiration to anyone experiencing personal hardship and strife. Cohen has now made an array of appearances on radio, at schools, in synagogues, at corporate and philanthropic events, and elsewhere to spread his uplifting message.

Last year, the pop duo RJ2, a collaboration comprised of Richie Chalme and Joe Gindi, set Cohen’s poem ‘Many Thanks’ to music and released it as a single. Fans of the track quickly called for more work from Cohen, and thus, RJ2 went into the studio with him to co-write ‘Pay It Forward.’

‘Pay It Forward,’ due out on Wednesday, will be available on all major digital music platforms via SkyeLab Music Group. In conjunction with his newfound music career, DJ Cohen will also continue to helm Team Deej, the performer’s support group that evolved into a team whose pursuit is to motivate and inspire those facing hard times.

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