Press Release - Adam Layne Fisher and the Downtown Revival Band - Dec. 18, 2016



Adam Layne Fisher and the Downtown Revival Band Release New Christmas Record

Greenville, SC - Earlier this month on December 2, Adam Layne Fisher and the Downtown Revival Band released their debut studio endeavor, a ten track collection of Christmas songs entitled ‘Our Savior Has Come.’ The outfit, which leads worship every Sunday at a mainline denominational church, is a rotating lineup of musicians dedicated to connecting their congregation with their faith through engaging music each week.

Since its inception, the Downtown Revival Band has become one of the most passionate worship bands in the contemporary Christian music community. Adam Layne Fisher, the worship director at their church and an accomplished voice in the Christian music industry, brought the group together to infuse eccentric new stylings into faith-based music.

The Downtown Revival Band exudes authenticity and joy in their music. Bringing together an infectious mix of rock, pop, and punk influence, the band is continually working to bring new sounds to, and innovate within, the Christian music genre. They re-imagine timeless hymns and classics, pen their own spirited work, and tie their sound together with a compelling, accessible atmosphere designed to get crowds and congregations on their feet.

Over the last two years, Adam Layne Fisher and the Downtown Revival Band have connected with an increasingly widespread fan-base. They opened for the Grammy award-winning singer songwriter Francesca Battistelli earlier this year, and in 2015, they opened for Colton Dixon and Aaron Shust. Over this last summer, the band’s Facebook page surpassed 10,000 followers.

‘Our Savior Has Come’ offers a dynamic Christmas rock experience unlike anything else in the oversaturated holiday music market. While the record’s performances are uniquely raw and genuine, the Downtown Revival Band also strike an elegant balance between anthemic rock and roll and candle-igniting, peaceful ballads.

Fans will discover a lovely sonic palette of holiday spirit on ‘Our Savior Has Come,’ much of which will be recognizable. Adam Layne Fisher and the Downtown Revival Band tackle enduring songs the likes of ‘Joy to the World,’ ‘O Holy Night,’ and ‘Away in a Manger’ on their new album, and each song has its own special flair. Alongside those tracks, however, listeners will discover music they’ve never heard before, such as ‘Peace on Earth (Follow Your Star).’

To further accent the upcoming Christmas holiday, the Fisher also released ‘Acoustic Carols,’ a five song EP that features a selection of Christmas carols from 'Our Savior Has Come,’ but performed in a stripped-down fashion. Both records, along with Adam Layne Fisher’s previous two albums, are available on Bandcamp.

Fans who purchase the music on Bandcamp can also opt to buy all four albums in Adam Layne Fisher’s discography at a significant discount. Bandcamp purchases include a high quality download and ability to stream all of the music via the Bandcamp app. ‘Our Savior Has Come’ can also be found on iTunes and other major digital music platforms, filed under the full name, ‘Adam Layne Fisher and the Downtown Revival Band.’

Connect with Adam Layne Fisher and the Downtown Revival Band below. ‘Our Savior Has Come’ is available now!