Press Release - Dream - January 2, 2017



Dream To Release New Single Via Appadydus This Month

On Friday, January 13, the up and coming independent music artist Dream will celebrate the release of his latest studio endeavor, a track entitled ‘Danger Zone.’ The single will debut on the Atlanta-based record label Appadydus, whose mission is to “promote social change one song at a time.”

Dream is a longtime Georgia native, born in Augusta in 1958. His life has seen an immense amount of strife: physical and sexual abuse, financial difficulties, neglect, and more. Growing up in a poor family of ten people, Dream constantly found solace in both fostering a strong spiritual life and his love of music and songwriting. Dream has explored a bevy of genres in his career: jazz, country, classical, R&B, pop, rock, and so on, and thus, he has become an incredibly versatile performer and talent.

Dream’s new single, ‘Danger Zone,’ was written in 1978 in the backseat of a car on a blisteringly cold winter night. “My thoughts were, ‘God, please don’t let me die like this tonight,” Dream explains. “I must survive till’ morning to make a better way.’ This song became my will and strength to get through the many tough times in my life.”

Now, thirty-nine years later, Dream has decided that it is time to share that personal song with the world in the hope that his fans can find similar inspiration and drive from the tune. ‘Danger Zone’ will be available on Appadydus’ main website, where fans can visit each month to discover a new promotion and an informative newsletter.