Nick Drossos - Press Release - September 15, 2015



Nick Drossos Releases Debut Single, ‘Beautiful’

Nick Drossos, a rising teenage pop star hailing from Australia, has released his debut single. ‘Beautiful,’ which is now available on YouTube and iTunes, exhibits the sixteen year old’s raw talent and potential. The song has also laid the groundwork for ‘Can We,’ the follow-up single to be released in a few weeks. On top of that, Drossos will take to the road with appearances throughout California in anticipation of his full EP debut next year.

Unlike similar youth prodigies, Drossos comes from a unique place of commitment and dedication to his craft. He’s clocked in over a decade of dance and vocal training. When you pair that with his extensive musical studies, his proficiency on multiple instruments, and his acting chops, Drossos has a far more compelling repertoire of talent than anyone else his age. Citing influence from the likes of Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and many others, the young star is eager to pursue a career in the music industry that follows in the footsteps of industry legends.

Drossos has built up a considerable following worldwide throughout his brief, but continually rising career. With tens of thousands of fans following him online, said community has been dubbed ‘princesses.’ The moniker describes Drossos’ biggest fans, all while tying them back to his gentlemanly charm, sophistication, and style.

How did Drossos achieve such acclaim at his age? Well he’s been hard at work since he was a child. He was involved in competitions, school programs, choirs, and even scored roles in the Australian Ballet and local television programs. This drive is second nature to Drossos...

“If you want it so much, then you have to put in the lessons and hard work to get there. Even then, there is no guarantee. So, at least, I am giving it a go and seeing what comes of it.”

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