Emile Danero - Press Release - April 4, 2016



Emile Danero Releases Music Video For ‘Tell Me Part II’

Emile Danero, also known under the moniker of ‘#blackparaoh,’ is a rising hip hop artist in the independent music scene making significant waves with his new single, ‘Tell Me Part II.’ On Feb. 4, Danero released the song. Now, he's dropped a music video for the track featuring an array of celebrity cameos, including the featured artist on the track, Candice Brook of BET reality television fame. (‘About the Business.’)

‘Tell Me Part II’ was penned by Emile Danero, Chris ‘Smitty’ Smith, and Austin Martin. The collaboration resulted in one of the scene’s most sharply written endeavors of the year. (Martin also produced the track.) The new music video is a suave, superbly shot excursion through the new song directed by Christopher C. Pearson.

Emile Danero is joined by Candice B. during sections of ‘Tell Me Part II,’ proving the reality television star’s talent can extend into the realm of music as well. Pearson’s video for the song features other notable figures as well - Omar Gooding, Fonzworth Bentley, and John Witherspoon.

Danero’s eclectic palette of inspiration is manifested in his compelling new music. The artist cites influences ranging from Mozart, to Tupac, to Nirvana. Though born in Jamaica Queens, New York, Danero spent most of his younger years living abroad throughout the United States and Europe. Thus, his cultural explorations have resulted in a resourceful outlook on life - one he conveys passionately through his music.

‘Tell Me Part II’ is available now and its video can be streamed below! Find Danero everywhere online @EmileDanero.