Everpresent - 'Omega Point'

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In this evening’s edition of the Independent Spotlight, we shine our gaze on Everpresent, the moniker of the electronica artist Matthew Cahoon. The award winning musician has a hefty resume of inclusion in compilations, television, and radio programs. His newest EP, ‘Omega Point,’ continues Cahoon’s jaunt through electronica and pop - a journey that began over ten years ago in 2002 when he dropped his debut effort.

Everpresent is an interesting vehicle for Cahoon; his music under the alias is suave, overly smooth, and heavily influenced by pop, dance, techno, electronica, and even new wave. At times, this can make the sound feel overproduced and generic, as is the case with the opening tune, ‘Hypnotic.’ The tune feels more like a royalty free soft-pop romance track than it does a form of wholly original creative expression.

‘Dreamstate’ embraces a whole bunch of dance music tropes - sparse, seductive female vocals reverberated around a soundscape of heavy bass, a thick, persistent beat, and recurring rise and falls of the production. Again, the song feels void of much creative direction. ‘Dreamstate’ sounds like pretty much every other song that is overbearingly loud at an obnoxious club. ‘Prey,’ the track following, is much better. The percussion is more unique, the beats more dynamic, and the overall atmosphere less kitschy.

‘Intoxicated’ returns to the stereotypical pastures ‘Hypnotic’ and ‘Dreamstate’ occupied. The lyrical content couldn’t be less interesting, nor more blatantly shallow. The song warrants an off color Bill Cosby joke more than it does serious analysis. DJGX attempted to remix the tune on the album, and it’s actually a pretty good remix, mostly because it removes Cahoon’s creepy presence and replaces it with some actually well-organized and enjoyable electronic music. Catizone, another guest remixer, also does a decent job salvaging ‘Hypnotic.’

The best efforts on ‘Omega Point’ are the ones that had very limited involvement on behalf of Cahoon - the two remixes. Outside of those two remixes, the album is a terribly stereotypical journey through shallow electronic pop. There isn’t any originality or personality to the music; it feels more like a royalty free track used on a commercial for a late-night dating hotline than it does a valid form of creative expression from a man with a long track record of winning awards and being featured on media.

I’m not a fan of delving into the negative aspects of an artist on the Spotlight, but as the disclaimer above reads, this blog is to better aid independent music in growing and becoming better. So, Everpresent needs to take the few elements of ‘Prey’ that are decent and lose the rest in the future. I can’t recommend delving into this effort in any significant capacity.