G.H. Hat - 'Primal'

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In this edition of the Independent Spotlight, we shine our gaze on G.H. Hat, a multi-genre composer and remixer that specializes primarily in the EDM genre. He also remixes popular works within the classical, pop, rock, and electronic scenes. Thus, G.H. Hat is a fairly versed producer. His latest endeavor is ‘Primal,’ a single that’s out now and available for download. Is it worth adding to your music collection? Let’s dig right into the tune and find out.

I should first preface this review with the following: I receive an immense amount of indie producers that create electronic and EDM style instrumentations. Perhaps behind ‘singer songwriters’ and hip hop artists, this community of artists is one of the most saturated in the independent scene. As a result, most of the work within the realm of EDM that comes across my desk is very poor, lacking consistent quality or artistic vision. I think G.H. Hat, however, does a fine job avoiding those stereotypical pitfalls that his peers fall victim to.

There’s a misconception that EDM - electronic dance music - should be mindless. As long as it gets people moving on the dance floor, it works, right? Wrong. EDM, like any other music genre, is best approached in a compelling, artistic way. It shouldn’t be a slog through trope-driven production. ‘Primal’ is an excellent example of a EDM production gone right. Its varied musical styles are actually compelling to dig into; you don’t necessarily have to be on the dance floor to enjoy them.

‘Primal’ is built upon a heavy, crunchy beat that’s borderline industrial - it sounds like a newspaper press. On top of that, G.H. Hat has built a soundscape of eccentric synthesizers and mesmerizing melodies. You could surely dance to the track, but there’s an inherent darkness to ‘Primal.’ It doesn’t feel lighthearted; it feels weighty. At times, listening to ‘Primal’ evokes one’s childhood of playing ‘Goldeneye’ on the Nintendo 64. (If you grew up in the 1990s, that is.)

‘Primal’ is good enough to be worth paying for. It’s one of the better indie EDM pieces I’ve heard all year. G.H. Hat, however, is offering the track for free. I’ll put a link to that below. It’s very much worth streaming or downloading if you’re a fan of EDM. If you aren’t a fan of the genre, I’d argue this song is accessible enough to explore, too!

Download: http://upvir.al/16476/lp16476?ghhat

Stream: https://soundcloud.com/ghhat/primal-rough

Website: http://ghhat.com

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ghhat

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWaysfrb3DJxT03Aay0fxhw

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ghhat

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ghhatmusic/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrghhat/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4JVfdkh46RFrpEl45u8D9A

Bandpage: http://Bandpage.com/ghhat

Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/ghhat