Hero The Band - Press Release - December 16, 2015



Hero The Band Releases New Single, ‘Rem Deep’

Hero The Band (Stylized ‘HERO’) has released their explosive new single, ‘Rem Deep.’ The dynamic, sonically inviting track is an insight into the band’s upcoming debut album due out in March. That album, entitled ‘Bleach,’ exhibits the foursome’s complexly unique style, one that exhibits their vocal and instrumental talents with elegant tact.

Hero The Band is truly a family affair - The four members of the group are blood brothers, and having grown up playing music together all their lives, their chemistry is undeniably infectious. Each member of HERO brings a special prowess to the table, and as a result,  their smooth sound has evolved into a beautiful mixture of rock, pop, and a handful of other genres as well.

‘Rem Deep,’ the new single that also features female vocalist Kyra Korchak, is a surreal sonic experience matched perfectly by a compelling music video. The single ties in the R&B roots of the band’s members, but also incorporates seamless rock, pop, electronic, and even experimental influence. In many ways, ‘Rem Deep’ defies typical classification, proving HERO to be a versatile independent act unlike any other. From suave, melodic landscapes to cacophonic, epic rock and roll, ‘Rem Deep’ explores the deep aural intricacy of HERO in a stunning fashion.

‘Rem Deep’ is available now and the band can be connected with via social media and their website. The superb new music video for ‘Rem Deep’ is available for viewing as well, all of which can be found below. ‘Bleach’ is due March 2016.

Website: www.herotheband.com

Music Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsLosFjBrzQ

Twitter: www.twitter.com/hero_theband

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Herotheband4

Instagram: www.instagram.com/HEROTHEBAND/