Ilan D. Sabach - Press Release - November 10, 2015



Ilan D. Sabach Releases Eclectic Studio Debut, ‘Out of the Rock’

Ilan D. Sabach, a guitarist and composer hailing from Israel, has released his debut studio effort, ‘Out of the Rock.’ The nine track collection is a dynamic endeavor through a variety of influences, harnessing Sabach’s musical prowess through progressive, world, and fusion musings. The album is available on digital platforms including CD Baby and iTunes.

Having picked up the guitar at age fourteen, the performer has expanded his talent significantly in the short span of eleven years. Sabach learned to play the guitar independently and mostly by ear, an effort that led him to forge his own musical path through an array of styles and genres. Early in his musical career, Sabach became familiar with the local Israeli rock scene via Bishgada, a successful funk outfit that played original content in Hebrew. In addition to that experience, he collaborated and performed with an extensive resume of artists playing rock, pop, psychedelic, reggae, funk, and more.

At the age of twenty-three, Sabach left Bishgada to pursue a career a solo performer and composer. Thus, ‘Out of the Rock’ was written and recorded - a fully instrumental effort intent on masterfully melding all of Sabach’s influences into one coherent, consistently compelling album. Superbly produced, performed, and executed, the album is a particularly bold statement for a new artist, most certainly as a result of Sabach’s extensive experience in the industry already.

Beyond the new nine-track collection, Sabach remains active in the local Israeli music scene. Despite his penchant for self-teaching and ear-learning, Sabach performs in a professional orchestra in Israel. Right now, that orchestra is providing the music for ‘Evita,’ a performance showing mainly at the country’s national theater, Habima.

Visitors to Sabach’s main website can find a slew of content to delve deeper into his artistic persona and repertoire. He offers a wide variety of music videos and fairly extensive gear specifications. (That may be of especial interest to Independent Spotlight readers, given this is an independent music website. Guitarists can learn more about the gear that helps Sabach achieve his professional sound.)

‘Out of the Rock’ can also be streamed on Sabach’s website, where it can be purchased as well for $8.50. Users who prefer services such as iTunes, Amazon can also find the album. More so, the collection is streaming on Spotify and other streaming services. Directly from the source, CD Baby users can score a copy via the website as well.

Buy the album on CD Baby and iTunes: