Ileana - Press Release - March 13, 2017



Ileana To Release Dynamic New Single, ‘Sola Gracia’

Ileana, a Christian singer songwriter and independent artist, will soon debut her latest studio endeavor in the Latin American Christian music market. Entitled ‘Sola Gracia,’ the elegant ballad melds pop and faith based influences in its pursuit to connect with listeners on a spiritual level and bring them God’s message of love and grace.

‘Sola Gracia,’ the single, was independently produced with the intent of being “a prayer of gratitude that gained life through its lyrics,” according to Ileana. Native to Puerto Rico but now residing in the United States, Ileana is much more than indie music artist. She’s a proud mother of three, a wife, a friend, and someone who has always dreamed of bringing messages of hope and justice to the disenfranchised and suffering.

As a singer songwriter, Ileana has used her talent to minister God’s word to the hearts and souls of many, which is one of her foremost passions in life. As both an artist and as a person, Ileana’s mantra is the same: to glorify God and use her life’s work as a powerful outlet to evangelize and embark on missions throughout many nations and cultures.

“The main reason for producing ‘Sola Gracia’ is so we could reach those that are still without saving faith in Christ due to social chaos and hopelessness,” Ileana explains. Even though she is a pastor who holds a masters degree in Ministry & Theological Studies, Ileana doesn’t sell her CDs in churches. Her pursuit is neither fame nor glory, but rather, fostering honest and loving connections in the Christian community, especially in humble congregations typically without music or the arts.

‘Sola Gracia’ was independently produced in 2014 for a record that includes nine songs in total, as well as an instrumental rendition of ‘Y Llegó Jesus.’ Connect with Ileana on her social networking below.