Press Release - Imaaji - January 16, 2017



Imaaji To Release Poignant New Song & Music Video This Week

This Thursday, January 19, the independent musician and producer Imaaji will release her latest studio endeavor, a heartfelt, anthemic ballad of peace, ‘Life Has Meaning.’ Set to release the day before president-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated in the United States, the single is an elegant, thoughtful reminder to embrace unity, humanity, and love in the coming year.

Imaaji’s musical style has often been described as an eclectic mix of Lauryn Hill, Tracey Chapman, and David Bowie. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, and raised in Montego Bay, she is no stranger to strife and unrest. Imaaji’s native country has had its continual share of social and political turmoil, and her music has always had the same primary objective: to craft an atmosphere that promotes hope, overcoming adversity, and the Power of Love.

‘Life Has Meaning’ is a stunningly beautiful foray into Imaaji’s prowess as both a songwriter and as a producer. The emotional single explores the importance of understanding everyone’s story. Everyone has pain, and everyone has struggles. All of that, however, can be overcome by community, sympathy, and peaceful goodwill.

“I have always believed there is more to life than hate, power, control, and confusion,” Imaaji explains in regard to ‘Life Has Meaning.’ “The upcoming EP doesn’t speak too much on societal issues or global crisis, but more of a person-to-person crisis and what we feel like as regular people on a day to day basis.”

Now residing in Canada, Imaaji has found significant success in the country’s music community. She has performed at major festivals and opened for national acts, she placed in second in the International Acoustic Music Awards, and Imaaji has twice been a finalist in the monthly Singer Universe contest. Critically lauded with a growing fanbase in tow, Imaaji is a rising artist worth keeping a close eye on.

‘Life Has Meaning’ is available on Thursday on all major digital music platforms. The song will be widely distributed in the US, the UK, Canada, and other locations, including radio play in each. Imaaji’s debut EP is soon to follow! The single will release with a music video as well. Keep updated with Imaaji on her website and social networking! | Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter: @ImaajiMusi